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    Security Warning in Access 2003 (MS Access 2003)

    Edited by HansV to provide link to MSKB article using <!t>[mskb=828416]<!/t>

    Does anyone know how to turn off/surpress the following Security Warning that appears when you log into an Access 2003 database?

    Opening "Catabase.mdb"
    This file may not be safe if it contains code that was intended to harm your computer.
    Do you want to open this file or cancel the operation?

    I have located <!mskb=828416>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 828416<!/mskb>, but this isn't much help!

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    Re: Security Warning in Access 2003 (MS Access 2003)

    Access 2003 is much more severe than previous versions - it shows this warning if the database contains VBA code and if your macro security level is not set to Low. It is not advisable to set it to Low, however. To get rid of the warning, sign the VBA code using a digital certificate. If the database is only used by you, you can use SelfCert - look it up in the online help for instructions.

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