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    a query that is broken on a different machine

    I have a few queries that are passed through to a sales report. They all work fine. I have installed Access97 on two Windows ME machines and the those queries won't work on those machines. Basically they are simple formulas stripping out values from a comment field in a FoxPro database. I have noticed that functions such as RIGHT, LEFT,MID don't work and give me error messages.
    an expression such as... Appts: IIf(Mid$([Comment],19)="",0,Val(Mid$([Comment],19))).
    What do I look for to change in the installation on these machines?

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    Re: a query that is broken on a different machine

    That usually means a broken reference on that machine. Open a code module and select Tools-->References from the menu. If any of the items in the list show MISSING in front of the name, it means that the file can't be located on that machine. In that case, what you do depends on what is broken. Try unchecking the item, closing the references dialog and compiling the project. If all the code compiles, you probably didn't need the library that was missing. If it doesn't compile, you're going to have to make sure the missing library gets installed on that machine or you'll need to point to a substitute.

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