Version 4.6.623 both Home & Pro version. Start here avast! - antivirus software for PC, workstation, notebook & PDA to access each version

Here's the release history from the site:
March 12, 2005
- fixed various problems in the new WebShield provider (ZoneAlarm privacy control related problems, access to SSL sites, access to HTTP/0.9
servers etc).
- fixed various problems in the new NNTP scanner (part of the Internet Mail provider)
- corrected installation-related problems in the case of the odd system setting NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation
- IM Shield: added support for Skype and IM2 Messenger (NT-based systems only)
- corrected some hyperlinks in the program
- attempt to solve seldom Windows 9x virus dialog related freezes
- attempt to solve ashServ.exe system shutdown related issues
- added Norwegian language pack