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    Creating a report with pictures (2000)

    We are trying to create a report using our badge database pictures. We would like to have the report display horizontally about 3 pictures per row. How do you do that? Usually one row of data is all related data this would not be the case for this report. Maybe this is not even possible...I am not sure.

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    Re: Creating a report with pictures (2000)

    You can set multiple columns for a report:
    - Open the report in design view.
    - Select File | Page Setup.
    - Activate the Columns tab.
    - Set the number of columns to 3.
    - Set the row height, column width etc. to appropriate values.
    - Set the printing direction (Across then Down or Down then Across)
    - Click OK.
    You may have to fiddle with the values to get the correct output.

    Note: make sure that 'Track Name AutoCorrect Info' in the General tab of Tools | Options is OFF. If it's ON, reports may lose their page settings.

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