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    Access DB compression

    Packing Access applications for customers, I ran into something curious. Access 97 databases (front end), if compacted, cannot be compressed more than that. WinZip does pack them, but the ratio is 0%. This seems logical to me. Now I have an A2000 database - and this one gets compressed with a ratio >70%, again after compacting in Access. I then converted a DB from A97 to A2000. The compression ratio is still 0% - but if I'm creating a new DB in A2000 and import everything to the last character, it will be compressed again with >70%.

    It's not a problem of course, but I would like to understand what's happening. Is there so much "air" in A2000 db's? I have db's created in A2.0 and "inherited" in 95 & 97, and they grew steadily in each version. Now I can pack a db again on a single good old floppy... <img src=/S/gramps.gif border=0 alt=gramps width=20 height=20>

    Does anyone know what's happening behind the scenes?

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    Re: Access DB compression

    I don't remember seeing that phenomenom with my Access 97 databases. In fact, I've posted samples here in Access 97 that zipped further than they would compact. Do you have much code in your database front ends?

    As for the difference, I just blame everything on unicode and leave it at that. And it's been years since I could get any real database (as opposed to single topic demos) on a single floppy, even zipped and in whatever version.

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