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    Two TOCs required (2002)

    How can I have two different sets of Table of Contents in the same document, using different styles/formats?

    I can modify TOC1, TOC2 to the styles I want, but the New button is greyed out so I can't create, for example, TOC1a, TOC2a? Thanks, Andy.

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    Re: Two TOCs required (2002)

    Do you want two TOCs with the same contents but different formatting? I don't think that is possible with real TOCs - a TOC is just a field. But you could unlink one of the TOCs when the document is finished (select the TOC, then press Ctrl+Shift+F9), and format it the way you want.

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    Re: Two TOCs required (2002)

    There are 9 available TOC styles to use. If you were to use three of them in the first TOC then you would have the six remaining styles still available for customising the second TOC a different way.

    You can map styles to TOC entries specifically rather than relying on the outline levels too. Without knowing exactly what you want to do - here is the suggested syntax for a couple of TOCs which use different styles and draw from different regions in the doc.
    {TOC b "Chap1" t "Heading 1,1,Heading 2,2,Heading 3,3"}
    {TOC b "Chap2" t "Heading 1,4,Heading 2,5,Heading 3,6,Annex,4"}

    Beyond the 9 standard TOC styles, an additional TOC style called 'Table of Figures' is also available and this is used when you build a TOC on the Figures or Table captions
    eg {TOC c "Figure"}
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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