Hi, I have gotten a fair amount of security failure audits and I am trying to understand what is going on. This may be the cause of another issue I will start off with. When I try to open the Local Security Policy window to make sure things are ok, the following error message appears:

" The Group Policy security settings that apply to this machine could not be determined. The error returned when trying to retrieve these settings from the local security policy database (%windir%securitydatabasesecedit.sdb) was: The parameter is incorrect. All local security settings will be displayed, but no indication will be given as to whether or not a given security setting is defined by Group Policy. Any local security settings modified through this User Interface may subsequently be overriden by domain-level policies."

At the same time, when the Local Security Policy window does appear, there is an account I do not recognize, and for security, I am not going to type the entire user name, however it starts with S-1-5 and is quite long. Does anyone know what this account might be, or should I remove it to be safe. I am running Windows XP SP2 and of course I can reinstall SP2. I just got the CD from Microsoft in the Mail today in fact.

Also, in the same vein, and probably related, I've gotten failure audits of types 627 (my account name), 577(also under my account name), and 560 (network service) today. I'd like my group policies to work properly, not to mention I'd rather not have a password attack happening, ie event 627 which failed as I have a hardware firewall as well as a software firewall. I do not want to change any settings that would have a detrimental effect on security, so any and all help is appreciated. I can provide the security log, but I'd like to avoid that if I can.