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    Web Form to Outlook Exp to Excel (2k)

    I have a form on a web page that I have just set up. There is a built in response handler, triggered by the Submit button, that generatesan email to me with an attachment: POSTDATA.ATT
    When I open this attachment, giving Excel as the platform to use, I get a text string in cell A1 similar to:
    "Field Label=Value,FieldLabel2=Value2............"

    From here I can program it to save the data, convert Text-to-Columns, delete the Field Labels and transfer the data to the target cells in my Excel form

    What I would like to do is develop vba code to start from,
    say Master.xls;
    open Outlook Express,;
    find msgs that would contain this form as an attachment. (the Subject is always=="Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.") ;
    Open the attached file: POSTDATA.ATT, using Excel;
    read the text string;
    copy it back to Master.xls;
    Close OE;
    then do my juggling;

    But before doing the above, does anyone have an easier way to get data from a web based form into xl with vba?

    If not can I get some help with the above. Thanks in advance.

    Also, how should I address the security issues with automatically opening an attachment?

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    Re: Web Form to Outlook Exp to Excel (2k)

    Unlike Outlook, Outlook Express does NOT have a programming interface, so you can't use VBA to find e-mails, extract attachments etc.

    I know next to nothing about web forms etc., but perhaps you could use ASP to store the responses in a database on the web server.

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