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    Formatting Changes whole page (Office 2003 - Word)

    Whenever I try to change the formatting (like to add bolding) to a selected line of text, my entire document assumes that formatting change. If I then press Control-Z to undo, everything appears to be OK with the selected text bolded and the rest of the page going back to its original formatting. When I try to apply a format change to a single word or group of words it works fine. But when I select an entire sentence it changes everything. Does anyone know how I can avoid my entire page reacting to the formatting change?

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    Re: Formatting Changes whole page (Office 2003 - Word)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Activate the Styles and Formatting task pane.
    Right-click the style you're using (probably Normal)
    Select Modify... from the popup menu.
    Clear the check box labeled 'Automatically update'.
    Click OK.

    You may have to repeat this for other styles. If it happens in all your documents, you must open your and apply the same there, then save it.

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