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    Windows XP professional SP1
    MS Access 2000
    Access 2000 database.
    As far as I can see, there is no Workgroup Aministrated security setup for this database. (I may be wrong, but EU does not need to login when Access is launched)

    Master table (1)
    Frontend (1)
    Both on a share drive in different folders.

    One user is getting NO DATA but no error message.

    She opens the database and uses a menu to get to a Form.
    The form has several tabs with subforms. Then the User uses the control buttons to find a record, (those assigned to her) by a NAME field, then clicks on a tab to reveal a subform, the records are shown in datasheet format.
    Some columns are linked to other tables as Combo boxes.

    PROBLEM: When she hits the dropdown on a column, it is empty. The field headers show, but that is it, NO DATA. Remember, she chose this record based on the name on the NAME field.

    When she chooses a record NOT ASSIGNED to her and goes to the same place, the dropdown will show all the data and lets her choose a value.

    User goes to another PC and does the same thing. This time there is no problem.
    She is logging in with Local admin rights on both PCs.

    Another Access tech looked at it and said there are internal MS Access rights preventing her from opening up that table on net, but it is weird that she can open up records that are for other users, just not hers.

    She has all filters turned OFF.

    Where can I start to check?

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    You could try this:
    - Start on the PC where she has no problems.
    - Make sure Access is not active.
    - Start the Workgroup Administrator (wrkgadm.exe in the appropriate language folder for Microsoft Office)
    - Note the path and name of the workgroup file (.mdw, system.mdw is the default name) to which the user belongs.
    - Close the Workgroup Administrator
    - Make a copy of the .mdw file on a shared network folder, on a USB memory stick or whatever.
    - Continue on the problem machine.
    - Use the same method as above to identify the ,mdw file the user belongs to.
    - Rename the .mdw file.
    - Copy the .mdw file from the other computer to the correct location, and if necessary give it the name the original .mdw file had.
    - See if she can view the correct data on this PC now.

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