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    Can't kill a reminder (2003)

    I've been having problems with sluggish Outlook lately. I am coping with everything but the reminder from 2 days ago. I have dismissed it. I have dismissed all. I have gone to the calendar item and deleted this occurence (It is a recurring date - a birthday). And it keeps coming back. Any ideas?


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    How to kill a reminder (2003)

    Ah-hah! Thankfully I've run into this and figured it out.
    Two things:
    First, Dismissing a reminder isn't the same thing as removing it! When the reminder pops up, rather than dismissing it, click "Open Item" or "View Item" (don't remember which at the moment). Remove the check in the box next to reminder, and then click "Save and Close". That will take care of your recurring reminders.

    Second, (I believe this only applies IF you have a PDA which you synchronize with Outlook 2003) there is a glitch in the way that Birthday's (and sometimes Anniversaries) are handled in Outlook 2003. More info is available in the forums of (search forums for Outlook AND Birthdays)

    As a final option, you may want to try Outlook's Help Menu> Detect & Repair feature as well as Check for Updates, since you mentioned it's running s-l-o-w.

    Hope this helps. Once I discovered what a hassle Reminders can be, I now use them sparingly ;D


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    Re: Can't kill a reminder (2003)

    Try HansV's advice <!post=here,460371>here<!/post>, and also run Scanpst on your PST(s).

    With recurring appointments you may have to delete the series, and in Outlook 2003, the appointment will keep coming back if it is from the birthday field in a Contact record.
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