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    XP vs OSX ((latest))

    I am preparing some notes on the merits of Windows XP computers for the school where I work. I am biased towards Windows XP and know little about Macs, so I am only doing the XP bit.

    However I want to get my facts right and not overlook anything important.

    I wonder then if I could check the following possible facts:

    1. Microsoft Access and the Jet engine are not available on the Mac.
    2. Access is by far the most commonly used database system in small businesses throughout the world.
    3. Encarta is not available on the Mac.
    4. XP machines are more easily and cheaply upgradeable.
    5. Apple doesn't provide internet upgrades to its operating system.
    6. Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and regularly updated is no longer inherently less secure than the Mac.

    Am I right? Are there any big issues I've overlooked? (I'm not interested in issues such as prettiness of icons or the usability of the directory system.)



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    Re: XP vs OSX ((latest))

    1. Correct.
    3. Correct - there used to be a version of Encarta for the Macintosh, but it has been discontinued.
    6. Because Windows has by far the largest number of users, it is also the most attractive target for the authors of malware.

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