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    BitTorrent risk?

    According to the BitTorrent FAQ, it requires ports 6881-6889 to be open (I am unsure if they mean incoming, outgoing or both). Is there any security exposure in doing this? If I'm supposed to have these ports open on the incoming side, could some other app hook through these open ports and deposit a virus/trojan payload? What if I wasn't running the BitTorrent client, should I manually close these ports?

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    Re: BitTorrent risk?

    First, I would ignore this requirement for the moment because your firewall should allow responses on the same port as any outgoing packets. Unless you are filtering outbound traffic at your router or in the network connection settings, you should not have to do anything.

    Second, do you have an "application control" firewall? If so, you can approve or disapprove the use of your network connection by unknown software. In the case of IE Browser Helper Objects, you may not know that it is a new program, as it may be able to disguise itself as IE. But then again you might, depending on your firewall; some products (e.g., paid version of Outpost Pro) offer very fine control over program components and ports.

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