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    System can't see monitor (Home Ed, SP2)

    My system crashed yesterday morning after an attempted software install. Afterwords, it would only come up in low resolution and color depth. Attempts to get back to normal resolution have failed. The display properties app will only show the "default monitor". I have tried to load the drivers for my monitor, but that also gives only error messages.

    System is:

    Dell 8100 w Radeon 7200 video adapter
    Monitor is Samsung 910T LCD

    I am stumped at why Windows plug and play will not recognize the monitor.

    Any ideas for a fix? Otherwise I feel like I will have to wipe the disk and reload XP (ugh).


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    Re: System can't see monitor (Home Ed, SP2)

    Also asked in the Hardware forum. If you want to reply, please do so in the thread starting at <post#=462862>post 462862</post#>. This thread is locked to avoid confusion and duplication.

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