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    Printer color calibration

    I'm in the process of replacing our Marketing departments old Tektronix Phaser 850s printers with new Phaser 8400 printers, and I am struggling a bit with color calibration. I first need to get these printers to reproduce our marketing material correctly, but of course I will want to move to the other printers, monitors, scanners, cameras.

    Unfortunately, Xerox's documentation is typically useless. I have found a few references on line , such as these fellows, but I was wondering if anyone who has been through this have any other sources, such as software, books, or web sites.


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    Re: Printer color calibration

    Hey Jim. I agree with the comment in your link that it all starts with your monitor.

    Now my job is not on the line but I still want my printed photos to look like what I see on my screen, which should look like the subject material.

    My HP printer has a pretty decent color calibrating utility built in. I have a VG171b Viewsonic monitor which also has a calibration utility. They work well enough for personal use.

    If you need professional results, then hopefully someone else has a better (real) suggestion.
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