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    view of Word attachment to email (office 2000)

    Is there a way to control the view of a Word attachment to an Outlook email? For example, is there any way to guarantee that when a recipient opens an Word attachment that the view will be page layout? Thanks

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    Re: view of Word attachment to email (office 2000)

    I have never understood what exactly determines the view a document opens in; it seems to be an unpredictable choice between the view used when the document was saved and the view last used by the user who opens it.
    You could put a macro in the document that automatically sets page layout view, but in most situations it will be unacceptable to send a document that contains macro code.

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    Re: view of Word attachment to email (office 2000)

    If you are referring to the reading layout issue discussed in <!post=this thread,332847>this thread<!/post>, following from HansV's advice, the macro that you will need is placed in the ThisDocument object, and should be:

    Private Sub Document_Open()
    ThisDocument.ActiveWindow.View.ReadingLayout = False
    End Sub

    (- I think, I'm not a Word expert by any means.)
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