PROBLEM SOLVED -- I copied over the event code from a working form and it now functions as expected. Not sure why the wizard died...

When I attempt to build a combo box on a form and use the field Entity_TIN as the criteria to find a record on the form, I get the following error:

"Data cannot be retrieved from the source you have selected. You must select a different table or query to continue with the wizard."

The fom is based on a query that matches information from one table and another by the ID of the record in the first table. The criteria I want to use, Entity_TIN is definately in the source query for the form. I find this error a little confusing. Any ideas?

Just so you know, Entity_TIN is not necessarily unique; the system is designed so that Entity_TIN and Entity_FY as a 'composite' key is unique. OTOH, on another form the same thing applies and I had no problem using Entity_TIN as a 'source'. So, not sure if that's got anything to do with the error.

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