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    Overload and USB shutdown (winxp pro sp2)

    Here at work I have a P4 2.4g machine with 512meg running xppro as a pseudo-server for our 7 machines here. In reality, it shares 1 Access db file and stores quotes etc. Basically it sits and does nothing all day. I have Nero and INCD running with a freeware backup program that zips up the working files and writes it to a CDRW disk at 7pm each night. Each morning I come in and change the CDRW and sometimes I find that the system has rebooted overnight and at other times, when I try to log in to do the CD change, I get the "this screen is in use and has been locked by user, please enter password to contine" instead of the default login screen showing me logged in. When I do log in, within about ten seconds, the usb optical mouse switches off and I have to reboot to get it on again.

    Has anyone else come across this problem of the mouse switching off and is there a way to log memory usage so I can see what happens overnight and try and work out what is causing the reboot to happen?

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    Re: Overload and USB shutdown (winxp pro sp2)

    Examine the system event logs - Right click 'My Computer', select Manage, then click on the plus sign next to 'Event Viewer'. You can examine each log for information. How often does the re-boot occur? Do you have automatic updates enabled? Do you have any other automatic update processes scheduled? Do you have the latest drivers for the mouse?


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