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    2003/2002 transition (2003)

    We have an Access DB in 2002 (SP3) that we tried to open a new computer that has Access 2003 on it - we get the following message:
    Security Warning: Unsafe expressions are not blocked.

    To block unsafe expressions, Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 or later must be
    installed. To get the latest version of Jet 4.0, go to

    '(Drive:folderFEFCCodeCombined.mdb' may not be safe to open if it contains expressions that were intended to harm your computer. Do you want to open this file?

    Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack8 or later must be installed to block unsafe expressions without affecting common functionality.

    To block unsafe expressions, see the About Microsoft Jet Expression Service sandbox mode Help topic, which is available from the link
    at the bottom of this topic.
    Any advice on this topic will be appreciated.

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