I'm not sure this is the right forum for this question but thought I'd start here.

I created an Excel file to use as an order form. There is a procedure attached to a button that contains:
ThisDocument.SendMail Recipients:="first.last@company.com", _
Subject:="Non-clothing Order from Web Site"

The macro works fine under Excel 97/2000 with Win95/Win2K. However, once it's posted to the web page (ie, handled by the browser), the macro generates an runtime error 1004, Method SendMail of object _workbook failed. Clicking the debug button highlights the ThisWorkbook.SendMail line above.

I found a Knowledge Base article that said running the Repair Tool would update the sendmail.dll file and registry but it doesn't help.

It appears to work fine from the web page on Win2K systems running IE5.5 but not on a Win95 system with any version of IE (up through 5.5 w/ SP1).

Is there something that can be tweaked so that it will work for Win95 systems also?