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    Change the default format on form fields (Access 2k, Win 2K Pro)

    I recall somewhere seeing a tip on this but can't remember or find the 'somewhere'. The question is, is there a way to tell access to use some other format for creating a form field when dragging the name from the field picker box in form design? Access defaults to having the lable at the left of the field; I'd like to have the lable at the top.

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    Re: Change the default format on form fields (Access 2k, Win 2K Pro)

    Open the form in design view.
    Click the Text box button on the Toolbox, but do not create a text box (yet).
    Any properties you set now will be the default value for text boxes on this form.
    The properties you need are LabelX and LabelY. On my system, they are set to -3cm and 0cm, i.e. 3 cm to the left of the text box. To place the label 0.5 inch above the text box, set LabelX to 0" and LabelY to -0.5".

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