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    Upgrade & A/V question

    I have 2 older machines that I would like to upgrade ...
    1st - IBM Craptiva ... amdk6 350mh, 512mb ram, win98f.e., v23000

    2nd - Digital6000 ... PII200mh, 96mb ram, diamond viper330, sb live 32, IBMSCSI 2gig (w/ 98 s.e.), IBM Deskstarr 15 gig (win 2k pro)

    I would like to upgrade the chip on both machines and have never done this before ... any suggestions would be helpful ...

    thanks in advance!!!
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    __________________________________________________ __________I want to move one of my computers next to my entertainment system and integrate it into my audio/video setup. I would like to record television shows and some of my audio cassettes on my computer as well as play my mp3s through my entertainment system ... has anyone done this and what possible pitfalls might i encounter ...
    this is my audio/video setup (essentials): sony 32" tv w/ svideo in, jvc receiver, sony dvd, sony 50+1 cd changer, jvc tape deck, sony vcr, jvc svideo vcr and a jvc hi fi vcr

    my computer is a : ASUS P4t i850 Chipset 400Mhz FSB Motherboard, INTEL Pentium 4 - Pr 1.4GHz Processor 400 MHz System Bus, 2 SAMSUNG RAMBUS 128MB ECC 800 MHZ RIMMs, (now i havent bought the vid card yet but its between ati all in wonder agp or the radeon ( should i spend the xtra 100 bucks for the radeon?)), a hercules game pro sound card, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse.

    I also have a PII200 w/ 98megs of ram and a amd-k6 3d 350 ... the PII200 is currently used as a file/print server and the amd as my gaming machine (altho its pretty outdated now)

    I would appreciate any suggestion and recomendations ...

    thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Upgrade & A/V question

    You'd need to find out from the board manufacturer (or system vendor) what the top speed is supported for processors. The Digital box almost certainly won't go much higher than about 266 since they quit making systems about that time. Support for them is almost near impossible to find since they were bought by Compaq.

    The Aptiva....check IBM's website. If you want to upgrade them past what the current boards support, you would need to find replacement motherboards - key here - that will fit the case.

    My recommendation, depending on your goals, would be to buy a motherboard/chip combo and a new, generic case. The guts of each machine may transfer, such as PCI cards, and possibly memory (depends on the new board).

    Check out <A target="_blank" HREF=>PriceWatch</A> if you're shopping for parts.

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