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    MultiLanguage pack puzzle

    I'm confused about the multilanguage pack for Word2000. My impression was that it was a great feature of Word, but somewhere I think MS implies that an ordinary individual user doesn't have access to it. Can someone clarify?
    In addition, there is the question of how well can that pack work for right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, on a US Win98 system. ???
    Gideon W

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    Re: MultiLanguage pack puzzle

    It's not working for me either.

    I thought I would be able to type Hebrew words and phrases in primarily English docs once I had Win 2K, based on the "help" info in Word 2000 in Win 95. However, I am not having much success in doing so.

    I have been able to get an on-screen keyboard to display in Hebrew. But it only had Hebrew consonants, and I have to be able to insert vowels as well. I teach beginning Hebrew to children and adults at my congregation in Austin, TX. Unpointed Hebrew is not useful for creating their assignments!

    On Win 95, I had been using a font (called shebrew) that enabled me to type Hebrew with vowels, but only backwards. It's hard enough reading and writing in a right-to-left language, but typing words from their ends is trying on my patience!

    All I can find on the MS website is about multinational corporations. I'm just a Hebrew School teacher! I suppose I'll end up getting a special purpose editor for Hebrew like I saw at CAJE, but I'd hate to give up Word.

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    Re: MultiLanguage pack puzzle

    To see what languages are actually set up on your computer (under Office 2000), go to StartMenu/Programs/Microsoft Office Tools/Microsoft Office Language Settings. This will open a dialog box. See what is checked there.

    You cannot change the default language just by going to Tools/Language. Despite the fact that numerous languages are listed in the dialog box, they do nothing. You must first purchase the correct dictionary from a vender; multiple language dictionaries to not ship with MS Word out of the box. Once you install the foreign dictionary & proofing tools, you can then change the default language through Tools/Language.

    Word97 & 2000 take their default language settings from the Keyboard settings in the Control Panel. So to make any permanent change to the default language, you must change the Keyboard in the Control Panel.

    Hope this explains things a little.

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    Re: MultiLanguage pack puzzle

    Thanks for the language settings pointer. I had been trying to set Hebrew up through regional settings in the control panel. I'm also glad to hear the word's tools>language wasn't supposed to be helping, as it wasn't!

    What does seem to help is changing the keyboard and changing the direction, but I haven't figured it out well enough to be able to predict what will happen at every keystroke. I'm still constantly surprised by the direction the cursor goes, by which font appears, by whether I get Hebrew or English in the next cell of a table, etc.

    I haven't even been able to create a cheat sheet for keyboard mappings so that I can turn off the on-screen keyboard yet.

    What I need is just to be able to type a few Hebrew words in primarily English docs. I don't really need any proofing or dictionary tools to just stick a few vocabulary words in an assignment sheet.

    I can see the subsets for Hebrew (including consonants and vowels) in the insert symbol dialog, but that would be a sub-optimal way to type on a regular basis!

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