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    PCL net print problems (All)

    This one's going to be a little hard to describe, and perhaps hard to believe as well. My wife's writing a thirty-pager in French, on Word 97SP2 under Win 98OE. It has printing problems. It won't print over the net to either of our PCL lasers, and here are the details.

    From her machine, to a Brother 1440 (PCL4, 2000/XP driver that's been fine for years, attached to a new SP2 Dell, parallel), one page prints. You can get a second page out by hitting the (all-purpose single) button on the printer, but that's it. There's never anything in the print queue! And the printer, one time out of four, flips out with a flashing (controller error) light show. The computer this printer's on is a new Dell, and I've tried all parallel types in BIOS, from unidirectional up to ECP, with no change. *All* other files seem to print fine (English Word; Excel, DOS progs to a captured LPT3, web pages, PDFs).

    OK, let's fire up another old Dell desktop, with Word 97 on 98 SE, and try to print over the same peer net to the same printer. Same deal. One or two pages.

    OK, let's sneakernet the DOC over to an old laptop and try to print wireless. Same deal.

    OK, let's try to fire up the rarely-used-anymore Laserjet III, attached parallel to a stable Win2k computer. SIMILAR. No print!

    I'm losing hair, so let's sneaker the DOC over to another Dell, XP SP1, Word 2002. Prints fine, to either printer, either as-is, or with line spacing doubled for a proof copy. This is a *simple* doc, except for the French diacriticals/guillemets. What the *deuce* is going on? The DOC in question is giving no trouble during editing, and our simple peer net has handled gigabytes for years, with not a byte dropped.

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    Re: PCL net print problems (All)

    Printer drivers have always mystified me. In this case, it seems that only the newer Office and newer Windows are capable of properly handling the document. I don't know why that should be, but in my experience, if you can't fix a problem by changing print technologies (e.g., by changing from PCL drivers to PostScript drivers), then it is easiest to "surrender" and use a workaround. It sounds as though printing to PDF first, since you can print PDFs, might work. If you don't have the full version of Acrobat, Acrobat Express, or another PDF creation program, try CutePDF Writer for free, or pdfFactory, $50.

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