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    List Number Start Style? (Word 2000 SP-3)


    Is it possible to create a List Number style that will always keep a list starting at 1? I'm trying to find a way to keep existing lists from changing.


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    Re: List Number Start Style? (Word 2000 SP-3)

    I don't know of a way to do this using a separate style to restart the list but it may be possible if you only have one numbered list series that needs this in your document.

    For instance, if you have a numbered list series AND an alphabetic list series then you will need a macro to search for series of lists and ensure that the first element is reset to start at 1. That is the method I use to ensure my lists always restart correctly.

    If you only have one such numbered list style series then it is possible to have the restart happen automatically if there is another style in between the list elements. To do this you set up a list where level one is attached to 'Normal' which is unnumbered and the subsequent outline levels are numbered and attached to styles as usual. If you set up the list in this way then a Normal paragraph (or other style based on Normal) in between two lists will ensure that the second list is always restarted without the use of an extra style.
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    Re: List Number Start Style? (Word 2000 SP-3)

    You probably know this (and I'm probably misreading your question), but just in case:

    When I right-click on the first item in a list and choose "Restart Numbering", that list continues to start at 1 even if I subsequently add one or more new lists (in the same List Number style) earlier in the document.

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