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    Font (Outlook 2003)

    Relative to my font email, how do I change the font on outlook? I see it here as I am writing, but I don

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    Re: Font (Outlook 2003)

    There are three basic things to consider:

    1. For email received, you will see the fonts used by the sender, unless the message is in plain text, -or- under Tools | Options | Email Options, you check "Read all standard mail in plain text". In those cases, the message will appear in your default font per the next point.

    2. For messages you originate, you can set your default font under Tools | Options | Mail Format tab | Fonts dialog.

    3. For messages you forward, you can change the message format (the options are HTML, RTF and plain text), and change the font as you wish from the menu options, or by right clicking on the body text (the menus vary according to message type).

    Does this help, or does it miss the question?
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    Re: Font (Outlook 2003)

    When you look at a list of messages, the font is set in the View for that list (e.g., Messages). To change the font in the view, use View>Arrange by>Current View>Customize Current View... (this is a bit more hidden than in earlier versions of Outlook). Click the Other Settings button to change fonts.

    Note: The Sent Items folder has a different view, because it shows the To and not the From. You should change this separately using the same Steps as the Messages view.

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