Last week I bought a Netgear Wireless Digital Music Player and a Netgear WAP, to try and add my MP3 collection to my home stereo. Was having problems at first telling if the AP and the player were talking to one another properly, so I bought a Netgear Wireless USB Adapter for a second PC (didn't want to mess with the Ethernet conneciton between my main PC and my network, and the PC I bought the USB adapter for has no expansion slots inside). Installed the USB adapter in the second PC (running Win2K) and it fired up and found the AP just fine. That gave me the incentive to go back to the music player and continue working on it, and I finally got it talking to the AP.

Now, however, the USB adapter will NOT connect to the AP, and the Netgear documentation is terrible. There is a a "Wizard" for the adapter, that has a row of symbols, that I can't even find an explanation of. From left to right, they are:

1. A lock, which is supposed to show that the network isn't "open" (which is correct, I'm using WEP)
2. A changing number, which is the channels being scanned
3. The word Unknown
4. The word Signal, followed by a row of 12 or so indicator "lights", which I assume are to show signal strength. Only the first one is "illuminated".

In another part of the Wizard, the AP is definitely being seen by the adapter, so it appears as if I have a signal strength problem. Only thing is the PC with the adapter is only 3 feet from the AP. And I have put it as close as 1 foot, with no change. Since I didn't open the Wizard when I first installed the adapter, I have no idea if there were more "lights" showing originally, or even if I'm "reading" the display correctly. Does anyone else who uses Netgear equipment have any advice for me?