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    <A target="_blank" HREF= =expanded&sb=5#Post41764>This discussion </A> on the Excel board started me thinking about ways to use the camera button that is on the standard toolbar. Using this button you can copy a picture of your Gantt chart to use in a PowerPoint presentation or create a .gif image that can be used in web pages, presentations, emailed ... whatever.
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    Re: Camera

    Sorry didn't see the earlier bit this relates to so hope I am not duplciating.

    You are offered three options - screen, printer or to file. always take the file option and insert it into your destination document. If you use screen (colour snapshot) or printer ( B&W snapshot) you get a bit map paste - which is always humungous. the gif is much clearer as well.

    If you save your project file as HTML and you edit the map you can put your picture at the top of the web page.

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    Re: Camera

    the real problem is getting the legend to come too, that's really what I needed help with, a screen capture in a print preview screen was the only thing I could think of.

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