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    Excel data to Word (2003)

    We have a patient list and doctor list in 2 separate Excel files and they must remain separate and unless someone knows how I can use 2 different data sources in a merge document, merging is not the best option for the user to choose information. It is not the best option for our application anyway, we are creating medical records and the user needs to be able to choose a patient and have the information from the Excel record inserted into appopriate points in the document. In the past I have done this by simply having the user highlightt the record (row) they want, then press Ctrl-C, switch back to Word and launch a macro on a custom toolbar which pastes the row att the bottom of the document, reads the information from each cell and then inserts the data into the doucment and deletes the pasted row from the bottom of the document.

    It is a rather "dirty" solution. Does anyone have any better ideas or know of a 3rd party add-in which will display an excel file and let the user choose a record?

    Anyway, I thought it was worth asking...

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    Re: Excel data to Word (2003)

    You can control almost all aspects of Word from Excel (or vice versa) in VBA using Automation. Moderator <!profile=WendellB>WendellB<!/profile> has a short tutorial on Automation on his website, with lots of useful links. See Automation 101.

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