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    Copy or transfer table (2002)

    I have a master database on a server with 6 tables in a one-to-many relationship, where new data is added and corrections are made. Users have their own databases on their hard disc with those 6 tables but also other personal tables (not related this time).
    How can they update their hard disc by copying or transferring the 6 tables without running into trouble with the relationship and keep their personal tables ?
    An append query does not work because of the corrections that are occasionally made to the data on the master and a macro with TransferDatabase does not work because of the relationships?
    Can anyone help?
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    Re: Copy or transfer table (2002)

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    Instead of storing copies of the 6 tables in the users' local databases, you could (have them) create links to the tables. That way, the data will always be up-to-date.

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