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    Understanding Recalling a Message (Outlok 2003)

    Would someone please explain to me how exactly recalling a message works. I've read other posts but I don't have a clear understanding. Here are some of my questions.

    If you email a user who is not logged in and then recall the message, will it recall right away or will it only attempt to recall once they are logged in.

    Does it make a difference if you e-mailed a distribution list as opposed to a single person when recalling?

    Sometimes it seems to only take a few minutes to recall a message and other times it takes hours or days.

    From what I know this will only work if you are both using an exchange server and the mail is unread at the time of the recall.


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    Re: Understanding Recalling a Message (Outlok 2003

    I tried it once and had similar experiences/questions. Bottom line: don't count on being able to do it!

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