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    Form Rename Problem (2000 SP-3)


    I'm updating a production database from a development database by importing the changed design elements (3 queries, 3 reports, and 1 form). The queries and reports imported OK. With the form, I ended up having to delete the old form name and rename the new form name, but when I try to rename the new form name, I get this message:

    "Database is currently unable to rename the form, report, or module to..." and it gives the form name with "Form_" added to its beginning.

    Along the way, I've also ended up with this Visual Basic error when I open the production database:

    Error accessing file. Network connection may have been lost.

    The database then takes me to the VB code of the form whose name I'm trying to replace.


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    Re: Form Rename Problem (2000 SP-3)

    Your database has probably become corrupt. Create a new blank database, and import all database objects you need from the problem database. Recreate the startup options in Tools | Startup... and (if necessary) non-standard references in Tools | References... (in the Visual Basic Editor).

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