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    Offline Files (XP SP2)

    Please help. I was using offline files between my laptop and my PC - The pC as the server and I was make the files available offline from the laptop. Problem is I was forced to rename the Pc host name. So I Turned off offline files, rebooted, turned it back on and started again. Problem is now after a few days, the old offline file link has re-appeared and I have two computers in my offline files synchronisation screen - the old host and the new host -How do I remove the old host completey from the system????

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    Re: Offline Files (XP SP2)

    I had this situation once and I couldn't solve it. I eventually completely disabled offline files on the laptop (using Group Policy), rebooted, and re-enabled them again. I then established offline files with the new server.

    This is a ridiculous way to do this, but I couldn't find any other way. If you get a better solution then please share it with us.


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