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    Re: Quicken Compare-to-Register problem

    I had a similar problem with Pocket Quicken that lets me sync my Palm IIIxe with Quicken on my desktop. Watch that the transactions you're losing arent't being reconciled with an already reconciled entry.

    Select any "match" item and check on your register that it's matched to the correct register entry. If it's not, click "unmatch" and keep pressing "unmatch" until it either displays the correct entry or puts it in as a new one.

    There's mention of this on Pocket Quicken's web site but of course, it's not on the Intuit site. I've never had any luck with Quicken or Intuit's support staff.

    Bruce Evans

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    Quicken Compare-to-Register problem (Quicken)

    When I do a Match-and-Accept of Quicken downloaded bank transactions, a certain type of transaction is always deleted after it is accepted (Cash Withdrawal). That transaction still is in the downloaded list but has been deleted from the account.
    Is this a bug? Or a feature I've not set properly?
    I looked at the Intuit website, but could not figure out how to report this without paying for it.
    I was running Quicken 98 Canadian, now Quicken 2000 Basic Canadian. It happens with both versions.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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