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    administration (xp-pro sp2)

    I've got 2 machines, just built. Am having problems with administration. Both machines keep installing programs into the administrators user account instead of general usage for all users.

    Interestingly, while exploring the C: drive I found on one machine a directory C:/documents and settings/Administrator. This directory does not exist on the other machine. Both machines had the software installed by me and both were done via the self driven setup wizard generated by the same MS xp-pro w/sp2. Both systems asked for an administrators password during install and both machines got real stupid after install by asking me again for another password for the administrator user account. Neither machine seems to allow me to get access to a real administrator account. I am logged in as a user with administrator priveledges as described in Woody's huge book, but I am not getting the expected results.

    Is this normal for xp to be such a pain in the ass? What am I doing wrong? The win xp for dummies book doesn't seem to cover this topic very well.

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    Re: administration (xp-pro sp2)

    This doesn't sound right. If you are running XP Home then the Administrator account is hidden unless you are in Safe Mode, but XP Pro should allow you to login to Administrator.

    Are you using the "Welcome screen" or a Control-Alt-Del login box? I would suggest using Control Panel > User Accounts to "Change the way users log on and off". Clear both check boxes (allow fast switching and use the welcome screen). You should then be able to type in a username of Administrator to the login box.

    One place to check is Right click on My Computer, choose Manage and select Local Users and Groups, and then Users in the left pane. This should show you all the users on the PC.

    Also have a look at Control Panel > System > Advanced > User profiles > Settings. This will give you a list of users for whom there is a folder in Cocuments and Settings, check to see if Administrator is listed.


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    Re: administration (xp-pro sp2)

    I have seen machines that the "Administrator" has been renamed and you can NOT log in using the word "Administrator" and must use the word it was changed to. However the "Administrator" subfolder under Documents and settings will still be used. This is where some will get into trouble when the "Administrator" account is renamed and is used as the prime account.

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