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    'File' on Menu Bar Lost (2002)

    I've helped the secretary at a small church with some problems with Word 2002 (on Windows XP). She knows almost nothing about computers, and so there's no telling what she's tried to do. However, she has now lost the "File" menu on the Menu Bar. She can't get to the templates at all.

    We've reloaded Office several times with no improvement. We haven't reloaded Windows XP because they've lost the disk! I've suggested that they take the computer out into the parking lot and shoot it, but they're unwilling to follow my instructions. So.....any ideas? Have you seen anything like this?

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    Re: 'File' on Menu Bar Lost (2002)

    Probably the simplest way to do this is
    Tools > Customize > Toolbars
    select Menu Bar in the left hand window

    This will restore all menus to their default values.

    Another option is to find and delete Normal.Dot, but this will reset many other things as well as the File menu.

    Yet another option is to use Tools > Customize > Toolbars to add just the file menu back to the menu bar, but I suspect that if she has deleted the file menu then other menu items may also be wrong.


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