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    Michael C

    Send To Problems

    I'm getting the following error message trying to use Send To As Attachment in Excel. "General mail failure. Quit MS Excel, restart the mail system & try again".

    I've tried the obvious restart of both services & rebooting but still no joy. I've looked into Knowledge Base and while I can find the exact error message the symptoms refer to using a routing slip which i'm not and refer specifically to Office 97 products. I'm using Office 2000 SR1 on a Windows 95 machine. Can anyone suggest a resolution ?

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    Re: Send To Problems

    I've seen the same thing with Office 2000 Sr1 & WinNT. Try looking at the following:

    If you use Outlook with an Exchange server, make sure your mailbox isn't over its size limit on the server.

    You may also want to verify through Internet Explorer (Tools-Internet Options-Programs) that Outlook (if that's what you're using) is selected as your default email program.

    I hope this helps.

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    Michael C

    Re: Send To Problems

    Thanks Becky, I had tried the IE setting as that is the area the KB articles referred to. I never even considered the mailbox size and knowing the user concerned it could well be this.

    Again Many thanks

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