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    Finding encrypted files/folders

    I am currently in the middle of a project to replace our existing file server due to lack of space and the availability of a faster machine to put it on. The existing server is 2k server sp3 and I am planning to use the new server as an excuse to start the upgrade to 2003. I am on the verge of making the leap to transfer files to the new server, but one thing is making me hesitate. The existing machine is sp3 rather than sp4 as this machine was in use before we migrated to 2000 from NT4 and access to some files may still be associated with pre-migration SIDs.

    Applying sp4 would remove support for the old SIDs, which is why we have avoided it. I am assuming that moving to 2003 will have the same result (do let me know if I am wrong). Since the migration was nearly two years ago, I don't see this as being a serious issue - unless there are encrypted files in the mix. It seems to me that if there are and if they are associated with old SIDs, then those encrypted files would then become inaccessible (again, correct me if I am wrong).

    So is there any way (or any utility) to search the file server for encrypted files? There shouldn't be any, but it is important to be certain before going any further. Of course, I could just send an email around the company and ask everyone, but half of them don't even seem to bother reading the messages I send, let alone do anything about them. <img src=/S/mad.gif border=0 alt=mad width=15 height=15>
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    Re: Finding encrypted files/folders

    It may be a bit tedious to use but look at Sysinternals Freeware - Efsdump.


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    Re: Finding encrypted files/folders

    The <font face="Georgia">cipher</font face=georgia> command line tool (included with XP and I think with Win2k) used with no switches (or with /s to include subdirectories) will list the encryption status of all files in a folder. You could then pipe this output to a text file for further processing.

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