This morning I began to receive the customary message "Normal dot has changed" etc. I know that it hasn't because I load Word from a batch file that copies in a safe file over the existing Grisoft AVG confirms no problems in the safe file, and I can SEE that there's no auto-event in the small bit of code that is my bootstrap token.

"If in doubt, delete the Data key", right? Worked like a charm.

At some point, something has corrupted the Current user, Software, Microsoft, Office, 10.0, Word, Data key. I deleted it and the problem has gone away.

I had previously searched the Word forum for occurrences of "prompt to save normal dot", and had not seen this offered as a solution.

My experience in corrupted data key suggests that the corruption arises in relation to some change somewhere in a graphic control, such as a toolbar or a GUI form.