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    Random signatures (Thunderbird, but any)

    > how you dynamically create a new template at boot up.

    I make much use of randomisers in my desktop environment, all the way from wallpaper (if you have over 3,600 harvested wallpaper files, you can have a different one each time you reboot) to signatures on email messages, and everything in between.

    The first stage is getting the random event. I use the time-of-boot, and a segment of my boot sequence extracts the date and time from the Date and Time (DOS) commands and preserves the values in environment variables:<pre>C:Temp>set wd=Tue
    C:Temp>set mt=04
    C:Temp>set dy=05
    C:Temp>set yr=2005
    C:Temp>set hr=11
    C:Temp>set mn=26
    C:Temp>set se=42
    C:Temp>set fr=01</pre>

    This shows that I rebooted at 11:26 this morning.

    Armed with these values, I can now select a wallpaper bitmap according to the MN and SE values, thereby obtaining one file at random from a set of 60x60, and copy that BMP file to a fixed location (Daily.BMP) that is assigned as my wallpaper.

    In a similar manner, I can use the date/time values to obtain one of, say, 60 small text files, each file containing a Windows Tip, and that single file can be assimilated into a fabricated signature file, giving me a different daily signature at the foot of my emails.

    I have attached a PKZIP file with some of the BATch files I use in these processes.
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    Re: Random signatures (Thunderbird, but any)

    Thanks, Chris. I can put this to good use.


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