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    Mail merge envelopes (2003 SP1)

    I want to print a bunch of envelopes, with return addresses, to various addressees in various sub-folders in in my Outlook contacts folder, and I can't figure out how to do it. If I have to copy all the contacts into a single new folder, and create a custom view showing just the fields I want, I can do that. But I don't see what to do next. I'm not sending a letter mass mailing; I just want envelopes to send some invitation cards.

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    Re: Mail merge envelopes (2003 SP1)

    You will have to place all contacts in a single folder. You can put them in the standard Contacts folder, for later on, you'll be able to include/exclude individual contacts (step 3).
    In the first step of the Mail Merge Wizard (task pane), you can specify that you want to create envelopes.
    In the second step, you can select the type of envelope you are going to use.
    In the third step, you can specify contacts as data source; you'll be able to select a folder.
    In the fourth step, you can place merge fields in the envelope, using the predefined address block, or individual fields.
    In the fifth step, you can preview the results.
    In the sixth and last step, you can merge to the printer or to a new document.

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