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    Sub webs (Front Page 2003)

    I am thinking about using sub webs. I have found out how to create them; but I have not found any information about loading them or addressing them.
    When I have FP open on my main site, I see the sub web folder in the list of folders. When I connect to the remote site and publish, the sub web folder is never published. What am I missing?
    Also, if it does get published, how do I address it? Do I need another domain name or is there a specific technique for calling it as part of the original domain name?

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    Re: Sub webs (Front Page 2003)

    Subwebs are useful when you want to limit a folder's scope, for example, so that a search of the subweb does not find document in the rest of your web, and vice versa. Frankly, I'm not aware of any other use for it for regular HTML; for ASP applications, it's probably a good idea to create a subweb because the server will be treating that folder as the root of its own little world.

    As far as the browser is concerned, it's just another folder.

    I think there is a checkbox in the Publish dialog for including subwebs, but that's a hazy memory from FP2000.

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    Re: Sub webs (Front Page 2003)

    The other advantages of subwebs:
    You can control authorship by using subwebs.
    You can restrict recalculation to the subweb only.

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