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    SaveAsUI always set to true on beforesave event (Office 2000, sp3)

    In a VB COM addin we have a beforesave event and the passed in parameter SaveAsUI is always being set to true even when we select Save and not saveas. This is only happening in Office 2000 SP3 and not in Office XP or Office 2003. Does anyone have any clue what could be causing this to happen?

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    Re: SaveAsUI always set to true on beforesave even

    According to my reference book on Office 2000 VBA, the SaveAsUI parameter is available for you to set in your procedure if you want to display or suppress the Save As dialog. I think you should assume that the incoming value is "undefined," although it is quite odd for a boolean to default to True.

    To ascertain how the event procedure was invoked, you might have to use the ActionControl property of the CommandBars collection. Try a search here and on the VBA board for those terms for more information.

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