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    Syntax error (Access 2000)

    I get Sytnatx error in string in query expression ""
    Where could my fault be ?

    Dim StrSQL As String
    StrSQL = "UPDATE Customers SET LastUpdated = "" "
    CurrentDb.Execute StrSQL

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    Re: Syntax error (Access 2000)

    To include quotes within a quotes string, you must double them. In your SQL string, you're setting LastUpdated to a double quote. That is not valid. You should use Null instead:

    StrSQL = "UPDATE Customers SET LastUpdated = Null"

    You must distinguish between the Value of a field and the DefaultValue. LastUpdated is a date/time field, so its Value must either be a valid date/time, or Null (i.e. empty, blank, missing). DefaultValue is always a string, regardless of the field type. In the above SQL string, you are setting the Value of the field, not the DefaultValue.

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