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    Archiving IMAP folders w/o Deleting from Server (MS Outlook 2003)

    I use an IMAP e-mail service with Outlook 2003. One of my folders is called "Archive", which is where I dump just about everything that is read and not actionable. Currently it has about 6500 messages in it. I have the folder set to download the messages so that I have access to them when I am off-line and as another easy backup. I currently do not autoarchive this folder. But I do worry about maintaining the PST file.

    If I set an IMAP folder to be archived by MS Outlook, will Outlook delete from the server those messages that it has archived? I do not want any messages removed from the server. But I don't know if it is a good idea to have so many messages in my active PST file. I assume that it will delete the messages from the IMAP server, otherwise how would Outlook know not to synchronize those messages on the server that it already archived locally.

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    Re: Archiving IMAP folders w/o Deleting from Serve

    Good questions, and I've only used Outlook Express for IMAP access, so I can't answer them. However, in general, an Outlook folder can hold far more items that you would ever want to put in it. At some point you are going to want to subdivide the folder so that it is more "organized," whether that is by project, by sender/organization, subject, etc. Until then, your PST is happy to expand.

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