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    Re: Cannot publish to web

    Try this:

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Q289312</A> FP2002: Error Message When You Open Web Folder: Documents in This Folder Are Not Available

    This behavior can occur if both of the following are true:
    The Web folder you are trying to open is on a Distributed Authoring and Versioning-compliant web server.
    - and -
    The proxy server you are using either does not support, or is not set up correctly to open Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV) Web folders.

    To work around this issue, change your proxy server to a DAV compliant proxy server. To this, follow these steps:
    In Control Panel, double-click Internet Options, and then click the Connection tab.
    In the list of connections, click the connection that you are using to access the Internet, and then click Settings.
    Type the URL for a DAV-compliant proxy server in the Address box, and then type the associated port number in the Port box.
    Restart your computer.

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    Re: Cannot publish to web

    I am not running a proxy server. I did go ahead and update the Frontpage extensions of the web server for FP2002. The Server Administration says everything is ok and upgrade is successful.

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    Cannot publish to web (XP)

    I installed Office XP on a W2K computer and I now receive an error when attempting to save an Office document as a web page to our intranet. Our intranet runs on a W2K computer, running IIS and Office 2000 Server Extension installed. I can see the two webs on the web server from FrontPage 2002, but not from Word or PowerPoint.

    From the Save As dialog box, I can view the web, I select and attempt to open it. But I get this: "Error - Documents in this folder are not available. The folder may have been moved or deleted, or network problems may be preventing a connection to the server."

    Is there a way to fix this?

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