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Thread: COUNTIF? (2003)

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    COUNTIF? (2003)

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    I have a worksheet with a column, H, that contains values from two to nine. Those values represent the number of hours of usage. I want to write a formula that will let me use the COUNTIF function to count the number of instances for several ranges of hours. For instance, I want to know how many values I have greater than or equal to three and less than four. I have a cumbersome solution that works.
    Bob Wall

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    Re: COUNTIF? (2003)

    You can use


    If you put >=3 in cell J1 and >=4 in cell J2, you can also use


    Alternatively, you can use


    Note: in this post, the symbols for "greater than or equal", a > followed by = are used several times. Some browsers mangle them.

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