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    Linux Account has expired


    I installed Linux, Mandrake version 10, along with a boot manager on my XP box quite a while ago. The idea was to see if I liked Linux with a view to using it instead of parting with money for regular OS upgrades to M$ (I've been using their stuff since DOS 3.3). The problem is I got distracted by life etc and didn't use my Linux OS for quite a while, I now have some free time and decide to go try it out again, but my account is apparently expired and i have to contact my system administrator........

    As I'm the sys admin, and have no idea at all what to do now i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

    I've tried booting off my install disc, but the boot manager seems to be taking charge and stopping me doing this, the boot manager is lilo and as far as I know I can only 'talk' to it from Linux.....

    Has anyone got any suggestions how I can get back into my Linux OS, before the rare bit of free time I have runs out and I have to get back to life??

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Linux Account has expired

    A quick Google search gave me this link on the second page of results. It looks promising I believe.
    Christopher Baldrey

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