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    Bookmarks in Word (2002 - SP2)

    I'm linking to a word document from excel. So i have figured out how to create a bookmark in word, and then go to it from excel.. no problem.

    One of things i noticed i that if i select the text when i create the bookmark, when linked, it shows that highlighted text. which is good.

    What i wanted to know, is there any other way to highlight a section, or just a specific part of the table.

    The word document is a table with text.

    In the help file there is a suggestion you can use graphics. ??! but i dont understand it

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    Re: Bookmarks in Word (2002 - SP2)

    Do you want to highlight something in Word or in Excel? Word has a handy Highlight button on the Formatting toolbar; it operates like a marker pen.
    In Word and in Excel you can set the background colour for cells.

    You can make any graphic shape on a worksheet act as a hyperlink. Display the Drawing toolbar and place any kind of graphic on your worksheet. Then right-click the shape and select Hyperlink...

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