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    subform load/open event in tab control (WinXP, Ofc2K)

    I have a form w/a bunch of subforms in it. Most of those subforms are in a tab control. Some code that I want to trigger in the subform is located in the Form_Open event and also in the Form_Load event (the same code; I'm trying it in both places). For some reason, even though the tab control is visible and all visibility properties for the subfrm and its controls are visible, I can't get the code to launch. Is there some weirdness I should know about where subforms don't "load" or "open" when they are contained in tab controls? Not that the controls are unbound on that subform for the moment, but I put stops in my code and have determined that the code is just not getting triggered. Any advice??


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    Re: subform load/open event in tab control (WinXP, Ofc2K)

    It shouldn't matter whether the subform is in a tab control or not, and whether it's in the initially active tab or not. The On Open and On Load events should occur. But if you refer to values in the subform, the results may be unexpected - the data may not be available yet.

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